cncCUT - Nesting-technology at the push of a button

cncCUT has been specially developed to combine the demand for extensive functionality and easy handling in one user interface. At the push of a button you can generate NC-programmes, whereby all technologies for Digital Cutters are supported.

Macros and DXF drawings can be loaded into the software very easily and without previous knowledge. The drawings automatically receive technology data from cncCUT. The software suggests an optimised traverse path and saves time.

Each programme setting can be edited manually if required.

The module contour nesting and parquet nesting is available for material optimisation. With the aid of contour nesting different work pieces can be automatically interlocked. This guarantees an optimal material utilisation and high time saving. If required, the nesting plan can be altered manually.

A few mouse clicks are sufficient to acquire the finished NC-programme and to send to the machine.

For plotter applications special functions are offered:

  • Addressing various tools, e.g. marking pen, oscillating blade, and fixed blade

  • Automatic tool change

  • projecting length, overlap

  • Sorting sequence according to tool

  • Velocity of each blade according to material and thickness

  • Automatic or manual setting up of the tools according to contour.

True-shape nesting done in seconds

Nesting of cutting paths as well as files in DXF and other formats are done in seconds. All technology data (first cut flags) are adopted. Optimal material utilisation with simultaneous time savings. It is always possible to change nesting plans manually if necessary.


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  • Cutting paths are nested with all technology data
  • Great time savings with automatic nesting
  • Optimal material utilisation
  • Nesting over multiple sheets
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