About Alpha

Since 1981, Alpha have been a leading firm in Asia for the sales & support of CAD/CAM machinery.  Our sales office is located in Hong Kong with the production facility in China. Our system solutions are suitable for Gaskets, Advertising companies, model making, packaging industries, printing industry for cutting preprinted materials, Electronic industries as well as shoe, garment and bag industry for patterns, prototyping and production runs.With our long experience in working with these machines, Alpha Systems' CAD/CAM division has always been able to offer the best products at affordable cost with the best after sales technical support.

Alpha has a wide network of sales & technical support team covering most of the Asian countries.  The excellent technical background of our personnel, brings the added advantage to our customers..

We also carry software for various applications to provide total solution to customers.


Sales Office:

Alpha Systems Limited
Showroom 1007, 10/F, Westley Square
48, Hoi Yuen Road
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
tel: (852)25721085; fax:(852)28384965