Cutting Plotters


PX Series Multi-tool Cutting Plotter  for sign making and packaging application, die cut, sample maker, auto upholstery, die cuts

  PX Series: These high speed cutters are of rugged design for durability.  It has the possibility of adding various options such as camera, conveyor feeding system, V- cut, milling tool. A high performance software controlled switchable vacuum system is efficient in holding down materials. Computer plotters application include die cutting, paper cutter, vinyl cutter, cutting mat. Read more...>>


GC Series Gasket Cutter   car upholstery,Gasket cutter, gasket machine, gasket manufacturers

 Gasket cutter GC Series:These State-of-the-Art  precision X-Y machines with integrated microprocessor controller are ready equipped with high power vacuum system, with software adjustable vacuum zones to follow the cutting head.  Specially designed to meet the heavyduty requirement of cutting hard gasket sheets (such as rack and pinion drive and pneumatic oscillating tool).  Read more...>>


Pattern Cutters tefor shoes and garment applicationrker, marker cutter, marker plotter, shoe marker cutter

pattern cutter 

Pattern Cutter:  Patterns cutters are economical and work with whole range of cardboards.  Comes with  vacuum system to hold down material.  Ideal for shoes industries and garment industries. Automatic roll feeding mechanism is available as option.

BMX series is heavy duty version of pattern cutters, working with oscillating tool running at 400Hz and able to cut variety of hard materials. The vacuum zone follows the cutting head to give the most efficient suction.Read more...>> 


Leather Cutter conveyor solutions, conveyor machinery, carpet cutter, carpet cutting machine

 print & cut

Alpha Leather cutters cut leather at high speed with accuracy. Affordable.  

Flexible options available to meet customers' needs.

Process: Using special software the leather outline and marked damages are scanned using a projector and sent to cutting software; cutting software does the nesting of cut shapes onto the leather outline automatically and creates cutpath.  Read more...>>


GL Series Cutting plotter   Large format  Conveyor manufacturers,  conveyor manufacturer, conveyor manufacturing, conveyor machines

 gasket cutter, composite cutter

GL Series: Large format cutting plotters for sizes bigger than 2m x 3m.  Read more... >>


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V Cut X board

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