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Laser Cutters


 These Laser cutters were specially designed for burn free cutting in textile/garment application and smooth cutting of thick acrylic, veneer cutting.  As a result, our laser cutters accept only vector files for cutting or engraving, except MX series. 

Special machines for Wood die making, metal cutting

Machine comes with windows driver program which has 'smooth function' to smoothen the curves. 

The above combination produces excellent cutting results.  Read more...>>>

ving trophies plaques etching laser systems

Galvano Engravers

 Laser marker With high speed vibrating mirrors, engraving can be done as high as 7,000mm/sec. There are choices between Fiber and CO2 lasers. Fiber is suitable for metal engraving while CO2 is for non-metals.  Read more...>>>


Monument Engravers

 monument engraver These Laser engravers are suitable for working on large format heavy marble slabs for monuments engraving as well as large glass door and windows engraving  Read more...>>>


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Laser Videos

Video Links

Contour Cutting - without cut file

Die-board cutting

Contour cutting - unlimited length

Embroidery cutting

Wood & veneer

Metal cutting

Granite engraving

Acrylic cutting

Large size door engraving

Rotary option

Laser marker - Denim

Laser marker - Label

Laser marker - Metal

Bonding - Paper