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 cnc machine, cnc router, woodworking machinery, cnc machines, wood router       DXB series Routers hong kong have all the capabilities of bigger machines. Comes in various sizes. Very attractive price. Ideal for sign and advertising shops where space is limited.  Suitable for cutting and engraving acrylic, plastic. Smaller ones are desktop cnc, hobby cnc routers. 



  • Cast iron structure

  • Real time buffer for storing position in case of power failure

  • possibility to continue half finished jobs

  • Ball screw drives for X , Y & Z

  • Simultaneous 3 axes movement

  • X,Y & Z axis limit sensors

  • handheld controller

  • Automatic Material surface sensor

   Machine models: 

   DX360B    3D CNC Router: Work area : 360 x 360 x 45mm

   DX400B    3D CNC Router: Work area : 400 x 400 x 100mm

   DX8060B  3D CNC Router: Work area : 600 x 800 x 100mm

   DX1080B  3D CNC Router: Work area : 800 x 1000 x 100mm

   DX9060B  3D CNC Router: Work area: 600 x 900 x 100mm

   DX9070B 3D CNC Router : Work Area: 900 x 700 x 100mm

   DX1200B 3D CNC Router :Work Area: 1200 x 1200 x 100mm

   DX1812B 3D CNC Router: Work Area: 1200 x 1800 x 100mm

   DX2412B 3D CNC Router: Work Area: 1200 x 2400 x 100mm


Machine package includes T-slot cutting bed, starter bit pack, machine control software, 2D design software,hand controller and 2HP spindle with inverter. Option:Type3 - 3D software



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