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Orthotic shoe mold

Orthotic routers are specially designed to mill Polypropylene (PP) material for orthotics as well as EVA foam.  Vacuum system holds down the EVA foam and a special jig used to fix the PP material. 

Full enclosure can be provided to keep the environment free of dust.

Our routers work seemlessly with DelCAM Orthotic software to make the  process smooth.

Auto Tool Changer is available as option on models DX1000, DX1200, DX1218 & DX1325.


  • Choice of servo motors or stepper motors.

    Real time buffer for storing position in case of power failure

  • possibility to continue half finished jobs

  • Rack & Pinion drives or ball screw available as options

  • Simultaneous 3 axes movement

  • X,Y & Z axis limit sensors

  • handheld controller

   Machine models: 

    DX400 Orthotic Router : Work Area: 400 x 400 x 200mm

    DX1000 Orthotic Router: Work area: 1000 x 1000 x 200mm

    DX1200 Orthotic Router: Work Area: 1200 x 1200 x 200mm

    DX1218 Orthotic Router: Work Area: 1200 x 1800 x 200mm

    DX2513 Orthotic Router: Work Area: 1300 x 2500 x 200mm


Machine package includes T-slot cutting bed, starter bit pack, machine control software, 2D design software,hand controller and spindle (choice of 2HP to 10HP) with inverter. 

Option:Type3- 3D software, vacuum bed, vacuum pump and dust collector system


DX orthotic router, EVA foam routing, PP material for shoe mold


High-end Orthotic routers:

Orthotic router

Orthotic DX400 - for EVA only

Low cost Orthotic Routers:

Orthotic DX400 DSP - for EVA only

Orthotic DX1000 DSP